Bow Thruster: One, One Thousand; Two, One Thousand, Release

bow thruster

It goes without saying that there are many, myself included at times, who take for granted the bow thruster on their boat.


What a Bow Thruster IS: a small auxiliary power source in which to use for minor corrective measures or in an emergency situation to

What a Bow Thruster ISN’T: a primary source of power, constantly used as if it were an additional motor for mobility and handling.


Long story short, the manufacturers recommend the proper way to use the bow thruster is to hold the joystick in the desired direction of thrust and count: One, One Thousand; Two, One Thousand, then release. If you need any more or less then that, you should work on your anticipatory boat handling skills with an experienced captain.

I can’t tell you the quantity of people requesting either tech support for their bow thrusters or else for captain lessons on this topic. If you’ve ever been reliant upon your thruster, only to have it “burn out” and leave you scratching your head with what to do next, then call us, we can help you NOT becoming reliant on your bow thruster.

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