1500 | Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

Tucked into the northeast corner of Lake Ontario, woven into the Thousand Island region of the Saint Lawrence River, is a village called Alexandria Bay.  Officially settled in the early 1800’s, this gem is ripe with $6 billion in exports per year, castles, grizzly bears, and pirate history.  The beauty of upstate New York is that there’s a ton of water, waterways, tributaries, and vast expanses of wilderness, where seeming rural to some, is home to many.

To travel is to explore, is to learn, is to understand, is to discover – both oneself as well as many other layers of knowledge.

I always jump at the opportunity to go get lost out there in the world. It’s my proverbial way of finding myself – which I think many find hard to wrap around – finding tranquility and peace in movement.

This story is currently being written. But what I can say is that there’s a 700-mile voyage until we make landfall in Annapolis, Maryland.

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